Yess! owo Ill be there Friday and Saturday night, and that should be a lot of fun~ I have internet now there too, so Ill probably be hanging around RES and dA a lot, aha. xD

I finished one of my art trades today too, and Ill probably upload it tomorrow! ^^ I might upload it here too, Im not sure. uvu

Anyway, its after ten PM, so I have to get off for tonight. ;u; Im probably going to read for a little bit or something, I dunno how long I will though, because Im kinda tired too. 030

Ill be on again tomorrow! ewe Ill try to remember to write an entry while Im on the computer tomorrow, so I have the time and enough space to tell you guys about meeting Pink and everything else! :3 Either way, Ill try to get more written then, aha. xD

Good night guys! ^^